Many companies manufacture and sell just mattresses. They think that a bed is the most important thing. For many of them the connection between good mattress and excellent physical condition remains a mystery. Very few of them understand that while selling a mattress you don’t just sell an item but render a service.

OSSOV is a different company - the one that renders a service. We think about the person who will sleep on our mattress, we try to find a solution for him. We know the difference between just sleep and healthy sleep, between “not bad” and “this is just great”.

SIA OSSOV company was founded in 2006. The main activity of the company is manufacturing of mattresses and mattress toppers.

Due to modern concepts and development and implementation of proper strategy SIA OSSOV by now achieved excellent results:

  • We took up leading positions in manufacturing mattresses and mattress toppers in Latvia. 
  • We gained the highest reputation among our partners and clients.
  • Our brand became popular and recognizable. At present moment OSSOV mattresses are considered to be a quality mark and an indicator of prestige.
  • We broadened the assortment of the company to the impressive scale. And now we offer 62 models of mattresses and more than 20 models of mattress toppers. Our collection includes absolutely unique models made of innovative materials.

We don’t rest on laurels and with every year we evolve and improve. We modernize production facilities, we master new technologies, we buy innovative materials and our mattresses acquire new options and properties.

The goal of our company is to provide our customers with the best mattresses thus making their sleep not only comfortable but healthy as well.