The biggest mattress stores in Latvia

SIA OSSOV is a rapidly developing enterprise specialized in manufacturing of bedroom mattresses and mattress toppers. The goal of our company is to give people healthy and proper sleep so that their mornings could start with a smile and recollections of pleasant dreams. Aiming to create the best we constantly develop technologies, apply new methods, monitor quality of our products and raw materials. Due to excellent balance of competitive prices and high quality of our products SIA OSSOV enterprise has been successfully holding stable positions for many years. The company occupies large segment of Latvian mattress manufacturing market.

Over the past five years of operation the company opened three large specialized stores with widest assortment of full-sized samples of mattress and mattress toppers models. You can check comfort and quality of our mattresses by giving them a try at our store!

We know how important it is to properly choose a mattress that will provide comfort, support for the spine, relaxing and illness-preventing effect. In our stores you will find professional consultants able to help you to make a proper choice.

The pricing policy of our company allows us to offer mattresses for various budgets – from simple basic models to absolutely unique top-of-the-range ones. Our mattresses and mattress toppers are handmade with special attention and care about quality. In our products we use only high quality, eco-friendly and certificated raw materials.

From the widest model range of mattresses and mattress toppers one can choose the product consistent with any client’s requirement: for the most fastidious and demanding clients, for allergic individuals, for kids and teenagers, with extended maximum working load and many more. Our experienced masters and seamstresses are able to make customized mattresses: of non-standard size, of various shapes, on wooden frame and others.

With every passing year our company evolves, improves and finds even better solutions to provide you with most comfortable and healthy sleep!

SIA OSSOV is an unfailing time-honoured quality.